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UI / UX Designer

UI / UX Designer

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Chezie is an innovative company offering a comprehensive solution for tracking and managing employee resource group (ERG) engagement, events, and budget. They recognized the need to redesign their platform and improve user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) friendliness. They approached me as a product/creative designer to address HR professionals' challenges in this area.

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Toby (Founder of Chezie) approached me after discovering my work published in the Figma community and expressed his admiration for it. The team at Chezie recognized the need to redesign their entire platform and improve its user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) friendliness.

Before our collaboration, Chezie faced several significant challenges with its existing platform. The user experience could have been better and more intuitive, resulting in low engagement and frustration among ERG leaders. The user interface needed more visual appeal, making it difficult for users to navigate and accomplish their tasks efficiently. All these problems led to a decrease in user satisfaction and hindered the overall adoption of the platform.

Chezie's existing platform also needed key features and functionalities for effective ERG management. It should have provided comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, making it challenging for ERG leads to measure the success and impact of their ERGs. Furthermore, the platform needed more integration options with other platforms (Slack, Teams, Google Calendar, etc.), limiting its compatibility and hindering the seamless management of ERG-related activities.

Understanding these pain points, Chezie sought my expertise as a product/creative designer to comprehensively address their UX/UI challenges. They wanted a redesign to enhance the overall user experience, improve visual appeal, streamline navigation, and introduce new features to empower companies and ERG leads to manage their ERGs effectively.

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To address the challenges faced by Chezie, we embarked on a collaborative journey that involved numerous brainstorming sessions and extensive user flow mapping. By thoroughly analyzing the existing platform and conducting user research, we identified several user experience pain points and developed solutions to address them.

One of our primary objectives was to streamline the user flow throughout the app. We reimagined the information architecture and redesigned the navigation to ensure a logical and intuitive progression for users. We aimed to enhance efficiency and minimize user frustration by simplifying complex processes and eliminating unnecessary steps.

Moreover, we focused on improving the overall visual appeal of the platform. Aesthetics played a crucial role in our design strategy, as we aimed to create a visually pleasing and cohesive user interface (UI). Consistency became a significant factor in achieving a great UI and UX. We developed a design system that established a harmonious visual language, ensuring a cohesive and delightful user experience across the platform.

In addition to addressing UX pain points and enhancing aesthetics, we also introduced new features and functionalities to meet the unique needs of ERG management. These included comprehensive tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing HR professionals to monitor and evaluate the engagement and impact of their ERGs. We also implemented seamless integration options with other HR systems, enabling efficient data sharing and collaboration.

Throughout the process, we prioritized iterative design and continuous feedback loops. We conducted user testing and gathered insights to refine our solutions iteratively, ensuring that the final product met the specific needs and preferences of Chezie's target users.

In the upcoming section, I will showcase the designs that encapsulate our solutions, demonstrating how we transformed the Chezie platform into a user-friendly, visually appealing, and functionally robust tool for ERG management.



Our main focus was maintaining consistency and strong brand identity across the platform. One of our initial steps was creating a comprehensive and detailed Design System. This system was a foundational guide, providing guidelines for typography, colors, icons, buttons, and other visual elements. Adhering to the Design System ensured a consistent and cohesive experience across all aspects of the Chezie platform.

With the user flows mapped out in collaboration with the Chezie team, we created wireframes that formed the backbone of our design process. These wireframes served as a blueprint for the layout and structure of the platform, allowing us to address each user's pain points and find effective solutions to alleviate them.

Our primary focus was to make the web app user-friendly and mobile-friendly. We optimized the user interface (UI) for various screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring a seamless device experience. By keeping the learning curve as low as possible, we aimed to make the platform intuitive and easily accessible to users with diverse levels of technical proficiency.

We focused on micro-interactions and animations throughout the design process to enhance the user experience. These subtle elements added depth, interactivity, and delight to the platform, making interactions more engaging and intuitive.

We made sure to present information in a clear and concise way that is easy for users to understand and navigate. This helps prioritize user experience. We employed visual hierarchy techniques like typography and spacing to guide users' attention and emphasize important information.

I will showcase our designs for the Chezie platform in the upcoming sections. I will highlight the key features and improvements that enhance the overall user experience and fulfill the objectives of creating a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally robust tool for ERG management.